Intercultural coaching

We are all different. It makes collaboration interesting, but not always easy. In teams, culture often plays an important role. Cultural differences are an enrichment, but could also become a hurdle for pleasant and effective cooperation, and for achieving results.

Do you work as a non-native or expat in the Netherlands? Do you have a mixed cultural background? Or do you manage an intercultural team? I would be happy to support you in the areas of (intercultural) communication and cooperation, and assist you achieving your goals.

I offer coaching:
* to support you as a professional to be happy and succesfull in your job
* to support you in effective communication, and in
* effective cooperation
* to avoid or resolve conflicts.

My coachees are managers, technical and financial professionals, people who want to grow in communication, or deal with changes, conflicts or cultural adaptation.
I offer both Fac2Face coaching and e-coaching.

2006: Inspired by my (work) experience in different countries and with various cultures, I started specializing myself in intercultural communication and collaboration.

In my approach, your learning goal is my focal point. Your situation and questions are the starting point in the coaching process. Because the theory is known. The practice is often unruly and complex. I focus on your practice. Hold you a mirror, provide you options and concrete new insights, and nudges in the right direction. So that you can work pleasantly and effectively, without losing yourself and your individuality.